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preliminary site investigation sketch

While being active internationally, a substantial proportion of the work undertaken by SADLEIR technical consultancy has been on projects in the United Kingdom.

Included among these projects are:

abandoned pier

Old port structures

The abandoned quay wall and jetty structures at this site in West Wales, formerly a ship-breaking yard, were the subject of an appraisal by SADLEIR technical consultancy, as part of a residential redevelopment project.

old quay wall

Prior to building, it is proposed to raise the site level using hydraulic fill, which will impose additional loads - both during construction and in the long term - on the elderly gravity quay wall structure. Additionally, there is the matter of the sadly-dilapidated reinforced concrete jetty structure to consider. The study identified the practical constraints to re-development, precautions necessary during filling operations, and remedial works required to the quay walls.

This is another project which draws upon two main areas of our expertise - maritime strucures and concrete pathology.

Cornish harbour old picture

Sea defences

This picturesque ancient harbour is a relic of the once-thriving pilchard fisheries of Cornwall; latterly a resort of surfers (not of the Internet variety).

Cornish harbour

The tranquillity of the sea, as on this day when SADLEIR technical consultancy took advantage of an equinoctial low tide to carry out the annual inspection of the masonry harbour mole, cannot always be guaranteed.

Cornish harbour mole

Atlantic sou'westerly storms can wreak rapid damage even on massive structures such as this, if incipient weaknesses are not promptly identified and repaired.

see also: another UK South Coast fishing harbour - Hastings

oil refinery

Industrial process structures

Well concealed within the maze of pipework and pressure vessels of the primary distillation plant at this oil refinery site are support structures in steel, composite steel+concrete, and reinforced concrete - all vital to the continued efficient and safe operation of the plant. SADLEIR technical consultancy mobilised at short notice to provide a rapid first-stage condition appraisal, enabling the operator's site staff to plan for maintenance and refurbishment resources.

An appraisal of this kind cannot be made by desk-bound analyses of site inspection and laboratory test reports, but relies rather on first-hand inspection and on-the-spot practical judgment. A tape-recorded commentary and digital photographs provide a back-up record of observations, while allowing the inspections to be completed in the very limited time available on site.

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