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Personal Data

Full name

Andrew Philip Robert Sadleir


1953 (age 68)


13 Baron's Meadow


Cornwall    PL31 2DD

United Kingdom



+4401208  264976

+4401208  264976





King Edward's School, Birmingham

University of Bristol

Qualifications and professional memberships

BSc (Civil Engineering)

Chartered Engineer

Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators


Certified Port Facility Security Officer (Code ISPS)

Foreign languages

French (working knowledge); German (O–level)

Specialisations/ other skills

Maritime civil engineering and structures, transportation infrastructure studies, structural concrete pathology and repair, land reclamation, surface hydrology, project contract procurement, management and dispute resolution. Fully computer-literate (systems, generic office applications, AutoCAD, digital terrain modelling and other specialist applications).

Experience in:

Albania, Algeria, Ascension, Bahamas, Benin, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville), Côte d'Ivoire, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France (DOM), Guinea, Lebanon, Liberia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, St Helena, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom

Professional Experience - Synopsis


Graduated in Civil Engineering, having gained undergraduate experience with a design-and-construct development contractor.


Worked for two major London-based consulting civil engineers, including periods on sites in the UK, United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Concerned predominantly with maritime civil projects, with some diversification into structural and airport work, and including Francophone projects.


Moved into contracting, initially with design-and-construct temporary works and façade retention specialists; subsequently joining specialist contractor as SW Regional Contracts Manager, working in concrete repair and associated techniques; mainly UK-based, with work also in Oman.


Joined a materials testing and consultancy company, as Project Engineer with specific involvement in the field of concrete technology.


Senior Engineer with Keltecs (Consulting Architects & Engineers) Ltd.; promoted to Associate 1990.


Founding Associate with consulting engineers C.D. Gray & Associates Ltd. Concerned primarily with both civil and structural rehabilitation works.


Started independent consulting practice: SADLEIR technical consultancy, offering expertise drawn from wide-ranging civil and structural experience, with specialisations in maritime civil engineering and in concrete pathology and repair.

Professional Experience - Detailed History


Undergraduate at University of Bristol, studying for BSc in Civil Engineering. Vacation work for IDC Limited - design office work on new roller bearing factory, civil works.


Undergraduate training with IDC Consultants Limited. Assistant to Project Engineer for design/administration of civil works on industrial distribution centre.


Completed BSc course at University of Bristol.

August 1975

Joined Sir William Halcrow & Partners, Consulting Engineers (now part of CH2M). Graduate Engineer in London Head Office, engaged in design and study work on maritime projects, including marina at Amalfi, Italy. Responsible for departmental technical information service. Undertook design, contract preparation, tendering and MAFF and EEC (FEOGA) funding applications on sea defence works at Hastings, Sussex.

May 1976

Resident Engineer on Hastings Harbour Arm. Project involved casting of Stabit concrete armour units, and reinforcement of existing 80‑year‑old concrete harbour breakwater.

September 1976

Returned to Head Office. Engaged in survey and report on structural deterioration and remedial works at Deal Pier, Kent.

January 1977

Commenced involvement in design work on quay walls and preparation of technical reports on various associated construction problems on new deepwater port of Mina Jebel Ali, UAE.

December 1977

Joined Halcrow International Partnership, Dubai, UAE. Engaged on site supervision of tubular pile and solid blockwork quay wall construction and associated earthworks at Mina Jebel Ali. Supervised installation and operation of quay wall instrumentation.

November 1978

Transferred to supervision of offshore dredging at Mina Jebel Ali, including initial operating trials of the new Al Wassl Bay self-elevating offshore dredger, and supervision of navigation aids deployment and movements. This work conducted in parallel with site management of coastal hydrographic and environmental survey programme. Undertook on-site maintenance of hydrographic instrumentation. I/c site meteorological station.

January-February 1979

Temporary secondment to Halcrow Dubai Area Office for foundation design work to container terminal buildings at Mina Jebel Ali.

February 1980

Returned to UK, and joined Peter Fraenkel & Partners, Consulting Engineers, in Head Office. Engaged on a variety of coastal and maritime-related projects at study and/or design stage. These included ports development in FVG province, Italy; runway extension at Funchal Airport, Madheira; new oilfield supply base at Nhava, Bombay; sea defence works on coastal highway in Hong Kong; design of nearshore artificial island for oil exploration/production in Gulf of Suez. Undertook survey and preparation of report on failure of sheet pile retaining wall at UK east coast marina.

April-September 1982

Five months on site in Sinai Peninsula, as technical advisor to Client on construction by local contractor of nearshore artificial island at El Belayim, including rock armour quarrying operations.

September 1982

Returned to Head Office. Engaged in report, design and preparation, and presentation to client of contract documents for various francophone projects, including Aéroport de Bamenda, The Cameroon, Aéroport de Sétif, and fishing port at Azzefoun, Algeria. Worked also on current data analysis for new tidal stream atlas in Shetland, UK.

August 1983

Joined James Brailsford Associates Limited of Bristol, as Senior Engineer. Engaged in management, design and construction of specialised temporary works - including major façade retentions, involving also supervision of controlled demolition operations - on a variety of building projects. Projects also included permanent works in structural steelwork.

October 1984

Joined Sika Contracts Limited, South-West Region, as Contracts Manager. Engaged in technical advice and specification, estimating and contract supervision over a range of specialist concrete-related work in building and civil engineering contexts, generally in a problem-solving rôle.
Projects included technical consultancy to contractor on extensive structural concrete repair work to a palace in Oman, devising specification, providing basic site training of locally-engaged operatives, maintenance of quality control, and liaison with Employer.

November 1988

Joined STATS Limited, as Project Engineer in charge of testing programmes, concrete pathology and structural appraisal for a range of clients throughout UK, including principal bridge inspections for UK highway authorities. Responsible for establishing Northern Regional structural testing division for the Company. In charge of structures testing in connection with the Greater Manchester motorways network maintenance programme.

May 1989

Joined Keltecs (Consulting Architects & Engineers) Limited as Senior Engineer. Promoted to Associate in 1990. Engaged in preparation of schemes for derelict land reclamation and associated infrastructure redevelopment. Led preliminary feasibility study for tidal barrage and land reclamation project at Neath.
Engaged also in structural commissions. Undertook report and supervision of major repair works to leisure complex at Port Talbot.

July 1991

Founding Associate with C.D.Gray & Associates. In addition to general design/study technical management, specific projects have included: feasibility study into reclamation of contaminated sites at Bedwas and Caerphilly, South Wales; reclamation and hydrological study, Cynon Valley; monitoring of subsidence-related movements of flood walls on the River Rhondda, and design of structural repairs; slope stability analyses on M25 site in Surrey; advice to manufacturer of cold-formed steel sections on publication of technical data and compliance with UK/European technical standards.
Provided expert advice in design- and/or construction-related claims, including: faults in large reinforced concrete multi-storey car park in Warwickshire; patent system floor failure in Cardiff; tidal river bank failure, Gwent; various South Wales building subsidence claims, acting for the Coal Authority.
Led team in Northern Moravia (Czech Republic) on technical/economic feasibility study for new light industrial redevelopment project on derelict coking plant site in coal mining region (study funded by UK ODA "Know How Fund").
Computer Manager for Practice, responsible for procurement, installation and maintenance of all systems hardware, software, and development of in-house IT procedures.

October 1995

Commenced in private practice as SADLEIR technical consultancy, providing engineering consultancy in civil and environmental projects, maritime works, and diagnostic and remedial advice in connection with damaged or deteriorating structures, with specialist expertise in the pathology of reinforced concrete.
Commissions undertaken have included:
and the following selected projects:
  • Lead specialist in concrete structure appraisals for an asset survey of wastewater treatment works in Scotland, in connection with a Private Finance Initiative bid. An assessment of structure condition, life expectancy and anticipated (costed) repair and long-term maintenance inputs was required, against a tight deadline. A rapid and pragmatic inspection methodology was devised, focussed on those structures initially identified as durable and of greatest economic interest. Client: Hyder Consulting for Hyder/Kværner JV.
  • Resident Engineer on rehabilitation of main general cargo and container quays at Port of Conakry, Guinea (West Africa) - combining the rôles of local technical support, management and supervision with client liaison, working closely with a British contractor on a programme of repairs and improvements including: concrete repairs, underwater survey and pressure grouting, bollard repair and replacement, geophysical pavement survey, installation and maintenance of electronic tide gauge. Work characterised by difficult physical and political conditions. Value of phases completed to date c. US$2 million. Client: Posford Duvivier for Port Autonome de Conakry.
  • Consultancy on mooring facilities for 70,000dwt vessels at the main ore export jetty at Port Kamsar, Guinea, including site inspection, liaison with port pilots and vessel masters, commissioning of current metering survey, and analysis/re‑design to BS 6349 with detailed report and recommendations for upgrade of the moorings. Client: Posford Duvivier for Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée.
  • Condition report and appraisal of two large concrete structures in a major chemicals production facility in South Wales, UK. Detailed inspections were supplemented by in situ and laboratory testing, reviews of earlier surveys and structure histories, to produce in-depth analyses of construction faults and deleterious (chemical) processes in the concrete, comprehensive reports and recommendations for emergency and remedial procedures. Wholesale replacement was recommended for one of the structures.
    Further commissions undertaken for remedial works design and supervision, and on appraisals of other structures, subject to degradation processes including thaumasite attack. (Client identity confidential.)
  • Engaged as Structures Engineer, one of a small expatriate specialist team in a US/Lebanese consultancy joint venture, with overall responsibility for development of rehabilitation methodologies and specifications for highways structures (mainly AASHTO-based) in a 78km package from the Lebanon National Roads Project (funded by the World Bank). Work carried out from a base in Beirut, using Lebanese technical staff, to tight programme and budget constraints. Client: Wilbur Smith Associates Inc. (USA) for Ministry of Public Works, Lebanon.
  • Provision of continuing technical, marketing and general logistics support to a British marine contractor seeking to expand activities in West Africa. This has covered operations and proposals as diverse as dredging and hydrographic survey, port construction (including diving works), and fisheries protection work; and entailed field assignments to Guinea and Liberia. Support included preparation of English/French technical translations. Client: Divemex Limited.
    Continuing work for this client relates to technical support for development and patent registration of innovative marine equipment designs.
  • Resident Engineer on emergency landslip stabilisation project, South Wales, UK. Works include slope re‑profiling and installation of deep drainage in unstable and mobile steep hillside slip. Client: Ward Jackson Associates Ltd.
  • Hydrological consultancy in connection with closure/demolition of major S.Wales industrial facility. Client: Corus UK Ltd.
  • Technical support to Saudi Arabian contractor on proposed major repair/rehabilitation project in Saudi Naval port. Client: Safari Co. Ltd..
  • Annual structural maintenance inspections of historic fishing harbour mole, Cornwall, UK. Client: Menabilly Estate.
  • Inspection and appraisal of concrete-encased steel process structures in UK petroleum refinery. Client: NCL St. James Ltd.
  • Pre-tender advice and preliminary design for Portuguese contractor on new ore export marine terminal, West Africa. Client: SETH s.a.
  • Technical liaison, monitoring and assessment of on-site QC procedures on new port construction in Morocco. Client: Royal Haskoning for APM Terminals
  • Visiting consultant for ports sector with EU‑funded transportation technical assistance programme to Albania. Clients: Louis Berger SA (2006-07) then Parsons Brinckerhoff/ECORYS JV.
  • Team Leader on technical/economic pre-feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the Port of Brazzaville, Congo. Client: Hydratec SA for the European Commission.
  • Technical Assistance Consultant for initial procurement phase of new cruiser/ferry port in Zadar, Croatia. Client: European Investment Bank.
  • Team Leader on diagnostic and environmental study of bi-national (Congo/CAR) dredging service in Congo River basin ("SCEVN"). Client: Parsons Brinckerhoff for the European Commission.
  • Technical Assistance Consultant for contract implementation monitoring, procurement support and oversight for new ferry terminal and quay wall survey and rehabilitation works in Durrës, Albania. Client: European Investment Bank.
  • Ports engineering specialist on the team for an EU‑funded feasibility study of the Cotonou-Niamey-Ouagadougou-Abidjan rail link project. Client: SOFRECO S.A. for the African Union.
  • Team Ports Engineer for a strategic planning study on Tanzania's Ports in a Regional Economic Environment, dealing with ocean and inland (lake) ports and associated transport infrastructure. Client: Parsons Brinckerhoff for European Commission/African Development Bank/Trade‑Mark East Africa.
  • Ports specialist for evaluation of master plan for new port for Great Exuma, Bahamas, with reference to disaster risk reduction, as part of an EIB‑financed programme for the Caribbean Development Bank. Client: SOFRECO S.A. for the European Investment Bank.
  • Provision of guidance on testing and assessment of heavy concrete foundation for new process towers in South Wales steelworks. Client: C.D.Gray & Associates for Tata Steel.
  • Technical and procurement advice for navigation aids and port control communications systems, Port of Beira, Mozambique. Client: European Investment Bank.
  • Ports specialist for study into maritime connectivity and a proposed regional cabotage service in the South-West Indian Ocean Region (Commission de l'Océan Indien member-states). Client: EPRD Sp. z. o.o. for the European Commission.
  • Testing and assessment of concrete substructures for replacement of BOS converter vessels in South Wales steelworks. Client: Andrew Scott Ltd for Tata Steel.
  • Construction quality investigation and guidance on concrete flood control structure, South Wales. Client: Environmental Scientifics Group for Peter Brett Associates.
  • Technical oversight on quay wall repair works and scrutiny of structural assessment, Port of Durrës, Albania. Client: European Investment Bank.
  • Client support in international construction contract arbitration proceedings. [Client/project identity confidential]
  • Comprehensive reviews of infrastructure, transport and communications needs of South Atlantic islands for IFI development funding evaluation. Client: PPM (Sofia) for the la DG DEVCO de la Commission européenne.
  • Team Leader in preliminary studies, detailed design and works tendering for rehabilitation and extension of the Commercial Port of Victoria, Seychelles. Client: PPM (Sofia) for the European Investment Bank.

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